Saint Paul Tunnel Labyrinth
A typical telephone tunnel.

As discussed in the "Quest for the Labyrinth" section, the telephone tunnels were the first of the Labyrinth tunnel systems that Action Squad discovered. This is kind of weird, since they are one of the hardest to access of all the systems that make up the Labyrinth, and had not been discovered by any known earlier explorers.

The tunnels of this system are very diverse, architecturally. Most passages are carved through the naked sandstone, although some areas are lined with cement, and others with brick. A standard tunnel segment has an arched ceiling and brackets supporting telephone cables on one or both walls. The Telephone unnels are almost all high enough to walk comfortably in, with many sections featuring 10 foot or higher vertical clearances.

There are dozens of short side passages (not shown on map) all over the place that lead to dead ends, with the telephone cables running upward into a hole through the rock. If a side passage is on a side of the tunnel that has cables mounted on it, you must go under or over them to get in. There is lighting installed throughout this system, but rarely is any of it turned on in the dead of the night.

At major junctions, the problem of how to get people past the cables that need space to curve and go off at a 90 degree angle is solved by short stairwells that go down under the cables and then come up again on the other side.

The Telephone Tunnels run from Shepherd Road at the south end to beneath Interstate 94 at the north. The further north you go, the deeper the system runs, to a maximum depth of over 100 feet below the surface. At the shallower southern end of the system, tunnels generally run alongside the other utility tunnels, about 20 feet underground. Connections to the surface are few and far between, and often involve a long haul up several ladders.


Incident Report:

The Burgling Bicyclist Bum

In which Action Squad is accosted by an unusual fellow while accessing the Labyrinth.


Incident Report:

The Security System Scare

In which Action Squad confronts a high-tech security system. Well, not really.