Saint Paul Tunnel Labyrinth

These two systems are the heart, the guts, the soul of the Labyrinth. Mostly dug by two different power companies competing for the same areas of downtown Saint Paul, these tunnels often defy logic and reason as they snake around, over, under, and into each other. While they are supposedly separate systems, you often cannot get to certain segments of one system without going through the other.


No two sections look alike: there are more tunnel shapes/sizes and building materials employed in these systems than we could afford to photograph. They slope up and down, run at oddball angles, and are generally just insane.


Ladders, stairs, trapdoors, manholes, and doors are just some of the ways they interconnect with one another. It is a testament to Slim Jim's mapping prowess that he was ever able to make sense of this tangled network; the early maps I tried to make made no sense even to me, and would have been worse than useless if I'd needed to use them to find my way around.

The NSP Tunnels carry power lines (NSP is short for Northern States Power ... which is now Excel Energy, but whatever), and the Gas Tunnels carry gas lines. Some of the tunnels were once used to carry city steam lines; the asbestos-insulated pipes still remain in the segments not being reused by the power or gas companies today. Both systems were littered with rat poison and, in some places, rotting poisoned rats, who had made the mistake of leaving the sewer tunnels.
These systems are the most extensive of all the components of the Labyrinth, as well as the most interesting to explore. The variety of rooms, tunnels, interconnections, and noteworthy features would take up way too much of my life to try to document here.
Exploring this system was constantly rewarding, as we were always excited to see what was around the next corner, and the tunnels always seemed to come through with something new and interesting. It took awhile to map this place out not only because it was so convoluted, but because no one wanted to take the time to stay in one place drawing it out. Everyone was prone to rushing ahead so as to be among the first to see what was next. You could always tell who was in the lead at the moment by whose voice you heard saying "holy shit!" first

Incident Report:

How Ben Bear's Thirst Almost Decapitated Brian Insane

In which an ill-advised exit in the middle of a downtown intersection almost makes Brian Insane lose his top completely.