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When I first heard of an old, abandoned and unexplored hospital complex right smack dab in the middle of
       Minneapolis, I thought it had to be crap.

       But then it turned out not to be, and holy shit, was I glad.

This Mission is dedicated to Ninjalicious, & to his memory.


1877 through

Dr. Amos Wilson Abbott moves to Minneapolis to help fill the need for medical practitioners. He works from a small hospital in his home, and as Chief of Staff of St. Barnabas Hospital.
Abbott opens a small hospital in the Stevens Square neighborhood. He is known for making frequent house calls by horseback - rain or shine, day or night.
Grateful for the medical care that his friend Abbott provided to his wife Kate, flour milling magnate William Dunwoody builds a new hospital, naming it after Abbott and putting him in charge of its operations.
William Dunwoody dies. His will leaves Abbott Hospital to the Westminster Presbyterian Church, specifying that its operations remain controlled by Dr. Amos Abbott.
Thomas Janney dies & leaves his private children’s hospital, next door to Abbott, to the Westminster Presbyterian Church. This becomes the Janney Pavilion, a children’s wing.
Amos Abbott dies at age 83.
& 1939
Westminster Church adds new wings to the hospital.
Abbott Hospital separates from Westminster Church and incorporates itself.
Abbott Hospital merges with Northwestern Hospital to become “Abbott Northwestern,” and moves to a new facility. The hospital buildings are taken over by the Duluth-based Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica, who turn it into a Transitional Care Center.
The City of Lakes Transitional Care Center closes, and its patients are moved to a newer facility.
Action Squad gets an email about a boarded-up institutional building right in the heart of Minneapolis …

I can't help but wonder if there was anyone who was born in Abbott's Hospital in the early 1900s who grew up, got old, and wound up dying in City of Lakes Transitional Care - in the same building where they'd got started in this world ...

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